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Friday, 28 November 2014

What Do You SEE That The Others Can't in The Eyes Diary 《鬼眼日记》?

The dark secrets are revealed as the series of events unfold.
A deranged & angst lover seeking for a chance to meet his late girlfriend, a confused orphan yearns for the truth behind her family tragedy, a friend embracing the fact of seeing lost souls.
So what will the eyes see?

The Eyes Diary is definitely not for the faint-hearted as minutes into the movie, the gruesome scene whereby bits & pieces of the flesh scattered around the highway as part of a tragic accident is indeed disturbing.

Till Death Do Us Part...

The movie has the right mix of heart-warming, comedic & definitely spine-chilling moments that deliver the movie to a level beyond just giving the audience scares but real depth in the storyline.
Applaud to the movie's intention of delivering the aftermath of those who do not respect the dead & tread on dangerous grounds for pure excitement, and those who are so stubborn & adamant on what they want to do at the expense of endangering the lives of their love ones. 

Do you want to play?

Other creepy attributes that elevated the movie's fear factor are the unnerving props and the realistic lurid make-up on the ghouls that will leave you jittering in your seat.

The daredevils and horror fanatics listen up!
The Eyes Diary is one movie that you should not miss and is out exclusively in Cathay Cineplexes island-wide from 27th November!

Fashrealm will like to thank Cloverfilms SG for the kind invitation to the movie preview.

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