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Saturday, 21 June 2014

365 Days of Exquisite Moments with Chanel J12

Time is transient, can be priceless. Time is a wanderlust. As Time slips by, are you still counting?
Let the Chanel J12-365 brings you on a journey of varied lifestyles & pure moments in your 365 days.
Live in the moment of enchantment that Time brings forth.

Set in the seamless facade of the ideology of the Chanel Maison, one's widest thoughts and imaginations reign as one explores everyday moments of Time.

The clock ticks on, you are what moulded the characters of your Time, sailing through the high seas, glancing beyond the horizon of the blue waters, savoring the taste of fashion down the aisle in vogue.

For Time never stops, never at the same moment. That is Chanel J12-365, the enigmatic sophistication styled within the watch that is designed for the modern fashionista to be worn everyday of the year.

This contemporary timepiece, available in high-tech Black or White Ceramic housed an intricate fashioned bezel in steel or in the special edition BEIGE GOLD, an avant-garde shade of 18K gold created exclusively for CHANEL. 
Upon close look, a small second hand at 6 O'Clock glistens with a light-reflecting guilloche mirror effect, an epitome of subtle classicism.

Luxe taste curated for the discerning individuals, well enjoyed & be indulged in. 
Specially provided by Luxe Catering.

~The best thing about the Future is that it comes one Day at a Time~
By Abraham Lincoln

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