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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Fright Night with Conjuring Spirit

The red box creeks open and the sweet lullaby music came on, as innocent as it may be on the surface until what's lurking within the sinister box of terror come looking to seek vengeance at all costs.

A rumored haunted apartment where apparitions are seen, a reputable crime detective author with a young son whom is the entire world in her life & a spine-chilling story behind the music box gives the movie a required mix of compassion, suspense & spooks where evil bestowed the final retribution onto the antagonist.
Perhaps, the beautiful but deranged divorcee Lan's wild imagination had gotten a better of her & caused her to be seeing things which are part of her hallucination?
Will she be able to unearth (pun intended, for those who had watched the movie, you will know why.) the truth or is she going to be the next victim who will be fallen into the fateful oblivion of doom?
Let the lullaby put you to sleep literally...

The Movie Afterthought:
Conjuring Spirit is pretty much a light-hearted horror film that can possibly garner a new following of movie-goers towards Vietnamese horror films in the future. Especially for those who adore the comedic references of Thai horror movies & the tear-jerking twist to the plot as that of the Korean horror movies which are vital ingredients in the success of the horror movie genre of these 2 countries.
The flashback technique that was weaved into movie come in timely sequence where the storyline & the reality unfolded in an aptly manner for the movie-goers to understand & rein in their focus throughout the whole movie.
The movie shines on a brand new light for the Vietnamese horror films industry & had indeed pique my interest to look forward to more future installments of movies from the country.

Image courtesy of Shaw Online Singapore

Do catch Conjuring Spirit from 14th May & book your tickets here at the theatre and enjoy a hauntingly time of your life!

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