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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Jobs Hunting 101: The Path of Living the Dream

Fast forward to today's society, with the vast competition from the hordes of university graduates coming from all over the world to secure a job in Singapore & looking for greener pastures upon our shores, long gone were the hay days of easy notion to secure an ideal job around.
Moreover, we had transcended into an era of fast-moving technology advancement where prepping ourselves readily to meet the demanding challenges are pretty much an essential pre-requisite to secure that dream job & at the same time bringing back the dough to survive in the current increasing cost of living environment.
A recent casual gathering over a cuppa of coffee with some juniors of mine whom are graduating in a few months time had us touching on the topics of securing singapore internship & part time jobs for students as some of the few gateways to opening new opportunities into the companies of their choices.

Perhaps the discussion had somehow rub off deep sentiments from me especially having braved through the time when the Global Financial Crisis in 2009 (the time when I had just graduated from my part-time degree & was already fending for my survival in the harsh corporate world) had hit the job market the hardest since the Great Depression. 
The phobia of losing the pay cheque & getting laid-off had set in realistically due to the aftermath from the fall of the Lehman Brothers

Ensuring job security was the main priority & having work life balance had taken a backseat for many to prevent succumbing themselves to become the next target of workers facing the treat from retrenchment or lay off by the companies.
I remembered knowing with vast apprehension of the avid news that were circulating around about those who fell under the retrenchment axe. The whole idea of job hunting, adjusting to a new environment & colleagues at work had indeed post a strenuous psychological strain on the people.
Many had worrisome queries on their mind:
"What if I am unable to secure a job that pays as much?"
"What if I can't find a job immediately?"
"What if I am unable to adjust to the new working conditions?"
"How do I face my family if I no longer able to support their livelihood?"
Thats when I concluded that we need to have access to avenues that simplify our job searching process, how we craft our career path depends on ourselves & go by the following rule of thumb.

Go on a well-deserved Vacation, Recharge Your Energy Level
During the window period of job searching, I will recommend one to go on a holiday to the place of your choice, be it a short beach escapade to Bali, discovering new cultures in Europe or simply a staycation in our home country.
Give yourself the flexibility on your time management by allocating adequate time for things that you love to do as well as ample rest & relaxation to recharge the required energy level.
In this way, your focus level will be at its optimum & lasted a longer duration of time.

A Silver Lining in Life
There's a saying: If a door closes, another one will open.
Therefore one can always source for part time jobs singapore as an initial stepping stone to pick up your life pieces after losing a job at the same time making use of the opportunity to hone new skills with the extra time available to keep up with the ever fast changing times.

Build an Attractive Resume
Having a stellar resume that attracts potential employers ensure that chance to secure a guaranteed interview & increases your prospects of getting re-employed again.
Highlight your skills and strengths with key mentions of how you will be able to contribute to the growth of the company.

Be Spontaneous & Achieve Your Goals
Take a little bit of time to sit down & set your goals for the next 5 to 10 years and create a schedule timeline to work towards it. Enhance your spontaneity level and you may just reduce the time to achieve each milestones substantially.
For students who are still pursuing their qualifications, a tip which I was glad that I partake on previously was getting myself an internship prior to my graduation. That important step in my life had indeed increased my knowledge & insights into the working world hence a great assistance in prepping myself with the forthcoming expectations.
However as I did not have much avenues to source for one on my own, I had to leave that to the liberty of the school to choose for me & frankly speaking it wasn't really my ideal choice of a job to work at.
Hence, the likelihood of securing internship singapore of your choice is made feasible with sagacious job searching portals like where they advocates in the fact that "Finding Jobs is Easy!"
A successful dream career are just simply easy steps away.

What will your ideal or dream job be? Do feel free to share with us in the comments and hopefully our blog post can shed some light for your journey to getting that desired career of yours!


  1. I love Singapore! I dream I would go live there one day. I did a project in the past with Singaporean students! Amazing and creative people. I love you blog!

    1. Thank you Anna for loving my blog! Hopefully you get to come to stay in Singapore in the future!

  2. Lovely post. I am currently doing freelancing and so far loving it :)


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