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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Quality Living for your next Travel Destination, Roomorama

In our fast-paced cosmopolitan city, it has always been such a stressful world. One will definitely be thinking about his or her next holiday destination to unwind and have fun while taking a break at work. 

Many a times, I am sure you will feel the post-holiday syndrome after coming back from that long weekend away. (Take for example the recent Hari Raya and National Day holidays.)
Besides getting the transport to your holiday destination, the next on our mind is "Where am I going to stay?".

All of us have different criteria for our dream vacations and for mine, the accommodation which I will be staying at plays a big role in determining how memorable my holiday is going to be.
That is why I started to find quality accommodation in terms of short-terms stays from Roomorama.

Basically, Roomorama is able to adhere to my following traveling checklist:

1) Vast varieties of accommodations to choose from.
 Roomorama does offer a great selection of accommodations from Lofts, Villas, Designer Houses to Decorative Conceptual homes.

2) Covers a wide span of locations.
Roomorama has over 120,000 accommodations posted in 5,000 countries around the world and increasing as I write this post.

3) Security with a peace of mind.
Roomorama is able to provide hassle-free payment for my accommodation booking and has this unique payment code that protects my money till I had checked-in to my accommodation and hand it over to the host who is renting out his/her accommodation to me.

4) Lots of perks as a member.
Roomorama is able to allow great savings on my accommodations with its referral programs and privileges to special rates.

5) Great way to meet new friends from a different culture.
The moment that you get to interact with the hosts of the accommodation, that's a new found friend and its a great way to get recommendations on where the locals will hang out.

Roomorama is definitely one travel booking website that a discerning traveler should check out! 
So visit and like Roomorama Singapore on facebook today!

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