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Monday, 2 June 2014

Celebrating 25 Years of Decadence with Magnum

A quarter of a century of pleasure and a lifetime of luxurious indulgence. A time to celebrate as Magnum invited guests to a magical world of unimaginable treats at its 25th Anniversary Party held at the plush Avalon Superclub.

Always intrigued by the history of Magnum? How about a test to gauge whether you are a true ardent fan of Magnum? Go down the precious memory lane with Magnum through the 25 years of Pleasure Gallery.

As we adjourned to the bar arena, more exciting surprises awaits the guests. One of the best highlights of the party was Singapore's Record-breaking Largest Chocolate Fountain standing at more than 1-metre in height with over 100kg of tantalizing chocolate flowing through the layers.

Guests also had the luxury of choosing any toppings ranging from Rose Petals, Macadamia Nuts, Dried Cranberries etc from the Pleasure Bar for their very own "Design Your Own Magnum" ice-cream.

The final finishing to your very own DIY Magnum Ice-cream!

As the marvelous night went on, the limelight came upon the launch of Edible Fashion as the renowned 2am:dessertbar's Owner/Patissier Janice Wong collaborated with Singapore's local fashion designer PAULINE.NING for a luscious fashion showcase.

Magnum GOLD inspired look: 
Exquisite Gold Chocolate Bracelet with White Chocolate Swirl Necklace 

Sheer Viridescent meets Pure White Cubes of Intricate Desires

Swirls of Oriental Elegance

Dark Grandiose of Whirls

The finale look for this exclusive fashion showcase is "Decadence Cracked" where inspiration came from the palatial Magnum's crackling chocolate crust.

The pinnacle of the party was the commemoration of Magnum's 25th Anniversary with the Limited Edition Marc de Champagne ice-cream. A delectable swirls of Marc de Champagne-flavoured sauce interlace with white Marc de Champagne ice-cream in silver-coated chocolate.

Pleasure-seekers enjoy your very own "Make My Magnum" experience at the celebrated MAGNUM Singapore Pleasure Store located at Customs House Terrace, 12pm to 10pm daily from now till 23rd July 2014!

Indulge Away...
~ A day without Pleasure is a Day Lost ~
By Moustapha Khaled, 
Country Director of Unilever Singapore

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