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Monday, 21 July 2014

Optimum Pleasure Temptation at Magnum Singapore Pleasure Store

In the warm summer skies, an indulging cold ice-cream to soothe the hot palate under the sweltering hot sun is definitely the must do in our tropical climate. Its time to indulge at the unique Magnum Singapore Pleasure Store for an exclusive sweet experience.

As one walks past the riverside along the Fullerton Bay area, you will not miss the iconic Magnum Pleasure Pop-up Store in the signature Magnum chocolate brown as the color of the store's facade. 
With a spectacular frontal view overlooking the Singapore Riverfront & the Marina Bay Sands, the indulgence level has indeed increased another notch. 

As we adjourned into the interior of the Magnum Pleasure Store, we are definitely in for a visual treat. As Magnum celebrates its 25th Anniversary this year, the Magnum store was decorated with a number '25' logo & celebratory silver balloons to commemorate the launch of the special edition silver Marc de Champagne as well.

There are comfortable leather sofa seats to choose from or you can opt for the sheltered Al-fresco area for the cooling river breeze.

Pictures of the signature Magnum Ice-cream are seen on the walls of the store giving the guests the optimum visual temptations. 
With all the visual treats, we definitely couldn't wait to give our taste-buds a taste of the tantalizing treats which Magnum Store has to offer!

There is the DESIGN YOUR MAGNUM Section where you get to enjoy your very own Magnum ice-cream creations! 1st of all, you have 3 different flavors for the outer crackling chocolate to choose from. The ice-cream interior is the delicious classic vanilla flavor.

Next, you will get to choose your top 3 choices of toppings to decorate your Magnum ice-cream.
The first Magnum Ice-cream which Fash Realm chose was Milk Chocolate flavor as the exterior crackling chocolate with Chocolate Balls, Gold Nuggets & Pixie Dust as the decorative toppings.

To complete our design, it was further decorated with white chocolate swivels.

For our 2nd creation, we chose the White Chocolate as the exterior crackling chocolate with Cranberries, Gold Nuggets & Chocolate Balls as the chosen toppings.

The Dark Chocolate was chosen as the swivel to complete our Magnum Ice-cream creation!

Final look of our very own Magnum Ice-cream creation before we gobble it down!

Besides the fun Design Your Own Magnum, there is a delectable menu of other Magnum dessert creations to choose from as well.

The must try Milk & Cookies, crunchy & smooth to the palate.

The signature Rookie 'M' for a burst of nutty & saccharine indulgence. 

There are also specialty cocktails and non-alcoholic magnum drinks concoctions available in the menu too! The one that we tried was the Berry Milkshake, refreshingly smooth & creamy with a tinge of berry tanginess.

The Magnum Singapore Pleasure Store is currently situated at Customs House Terrace, Fullerton & opens from 12pm to 10.30pm daily till 23rd July 2014. 
Do pop by before its gone!

*Latest News: 
The Magnum Singapore Pleasure Store will be extended for another month till 23rd August 2014! More time to indulge Pleasure Seekers!

Do check out Magnum Singapore Facebook Fanpage for details of the latest news & promotions of the store!
Wanna find out more about Magnum 25th Anniversary Party, do check out our post here!

Pleasure-Seekers, its time to Celebrate Pleasure!

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