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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Movie Night: The Action-pack Patriots in The Taking of Tiger Mountain

In times of chaos, the brutal mountain bandits reign in the rural villages of northeastern China in the aftermath of the Japanese Occupation for the strife of the ultimate power in the region.
Sacrifices of the honorable villagers are a common predicament in the fight for the protection of their love ones.
Will the agony of the villagers' plights be relieved from the hands of the vindictive and obnoxious villains by the heroes of the People's Liberation Army (PLA)?

Adapting from the renowned historical novel Tracks in the Snowy Forest by Qu Bo, the movie-goers are given a ride in the time machine thus transcending into a post-war era & bring forth the power struggle in the fight for the omnipotence by the power-hungered warlords such as Lord Hawk (by Tony Leung Ka-fai, totally unrecognizable with his scruffy demeanor in the movie) & his gang of boisterous brethren.

Expect a whirlwind of present day cinematic effects filled with explosive action brawl & gunpowder laden scenes with fearless dynamic warriors in the movie.

For movie-goers who favor the concept of a spy's infiltration into the enemy's den to crack down the ruffians' citadel from within by the most uncanny ally (a convincing conniver to the bandits), you will simply adore the audacious Yang Zirong (by Zhang Hanyu) for his wits and his calm disposition in times of crisis.

[Spoiler Alert] Perhaps for some, the endearing ending scene of the bygone heroes gathered for a hearty meal in the modern timestamp may seems confusing.
However, from what I conclude, director Tsui Hark probably wants to bring across the underlying context that we had come a long way with a vast journey through tumultuous times, we should never let history be forgotten.
Food for thoughts indeed.

Be part of all the snowy action in The Taking of Tiger Mountain & catch it in the theatre island-wide today!

Thank you Clover Films Singapore for the kind invitation!


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