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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Spooky Encounters with Nick Cheung at Gala Premiere of Hungry Ghost Ritual

Be prepared as Nick Cheung Kar Fai brings you on a roller-coaster ride of intense fear this summer! Are you ready to embark on the sinister side of the truth?

Fash Realm got the opportunity to be up-close with the cast of Hungry Ghost Ritual, Nick Cheung Kar Fai (Director/Actor) & Carrie Ng Kar Lai (Leading Actress) at the Gala Premiere held at the Golden Village Grand Cinema.

Nick Cheung had taken on multiple roles during his reel time as an actor. Especially the renowned award-winning role as a tough martial arts fighter in Unbeatable which landed him the title of the Best Actor at the HongKong Film Awards. 
Taking on the challenge for the first time as a film director and have a part in acting for the movie, it is definitely something which Nick's fans can look forward to.

For someone who do not dare to watch horror films, it is really a feat for Nick Cheung to direct & starred in one. 

Toast to success for record-breaking Box Office!

There are substantial amounts of suspense & spine-tingling scenes in the movie. 
Do look out for the twist in the movie ending that will pique the movie-goers' interest & one sure do will be glued to the screen till the end. 
On the whole, there are some intriguing details for one to ponder about after watching the film which are pretty amazing.

Be sure to catch Hungry Ghost Ritual in the local theatre, opens island-wide on the 10th July! 

Be Afraid on whats coming for you!

Fash Realm will like to thank Clover Films for the special invite to the Movie Gala Premiere.

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