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Thursday, 16 October 2014

An Afternoon Siesta at KOMMUNE Cafe & Bar

As the bustling Tiong Bahru district rises as the popular hip neighborhood in Singapore, amidst the backdrop of a mellow & laid-back environment, a distinctive cafe offering serious gastronomical flair & sports the owner's avid passion for the local jam scene welcomes the discerning foodies into the world of the KOMMUNE lifestyle.

At KOMMUNE Cafe & Bar, guests can have the freedom to chill on the lounge area, an ideal place for unwinding from the daily bustle & hustle of life & a cozy get-together session with friends & family. Alternatively, the bar chairs are great for more intimate conversational moments.

As the fragrant aroma of the coffee beans floats through in the air, the crave for a nice cuppa of coffee caves in.
Come onboard a journey for the search of the perfect coffee brew.

Behind the Scenes into the realm of a Latte Artist:
The Tool:
The Coffee Machine, an important tool in the creation of the robust coffee.

The Protagonist:
The Coffee Beans.
KOMMUNE uses coffee beans from Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Mount Sigereni & Columbian Excelsio thus providing a richer & more full-bodied arena of coffee pleasures.

The Sidekick:
The Milk & the Froth
Giving the oomph to the rich coffee and another depth of taste to the latte, this ingredient is definitely an important role to bring out the best in the coffee.

The culinary skills by the chef in KOMMUNE is another attribute to rave about. The precision in delivering the finest in epicureanism with a delectable selection of his cuisine.

Brunch in wholesome decadence sets the day in retrospect.
Feel the light Avocado taste engulfed with the crisp Apple that meets the freshness of the Tomatoes amidst the crunchy Ciabatta Bun.
Open Faced Avocado Sandwich, (SGD$10) a healthy choice for a start.

The smoothness of the Egg Mash with a tinge of savory taste from the Lumpfish Caviar goes harmoniously well with the Smoked Salmon.
Salmon & Eggs Panini, (SGD$14)

With eggs done with just the right texture & softness, accompanied with the crunchy bacon strips & bread croutons tossed in the well-made bacon caesar dressing, a supreme taste of decadence.
Casear Salad, (SGD$8)

A twist of taste in the orient for this Japanese Pancake, (SGD$12) boasting a hearty amount of bacon & tantalizing sunny side-up.

Editor's Pick:
3 Little Pigs Panini(SGD$14) a deluxe sumptuous mix of pulled pork, bacon with the unconventional Bak Kwa in saccharine & savory Onion Jam.

A fishy affair with Pan Fried Mackerel with Bonito Salt, crunchy on the outside & soft beneath the skin.

The Poultry Farm visited with the succulent Half Roasted Griller with Garlic Salt, (SGD$15).

The Ranch & the Shepherd's Coexistence.
The juicy Tenderloin Medallions with Bacon Salt in the right doneness for the absolute meat lovers.
Try it with the special Shepherd's Pie (available till end of Dec 2014) with an indian twist of spices, an indeed flavorful taste matched in heaven.

The sweet temptations lured the sweet-toothed into a state of satisfaction with the Crispy French Toast, (SGD$8), a fruity rendition with mixed berries & firm apple compote. Or opt for the KOMMUNE's assortment of Macaroons, incredibly rich & luscious.

The Must Try:
KOMMUNE's Rainbow Cake for the layers of palatable psychedelic hues.

For the parched foodies under the hot summer sun, indulge in the refreshingly cooling instant thirst-quencher, the KOMMUNE's Signature Strawberry & Lemonade
Or for a slow windy afternoon, one can opt for a hot rendition of the best-selling Tiger Spice Chai Tea Latte, of which we feel can be helmed as one of the best Chai Tea around.

Pop by KOMMUNE Cafe & Bar at 3 Seng Poh Road (Closed on Mondays) be it for Brunch or for a day of chill & relax! 
For their latest events & promotions, check out their official Facebook Page here & do follow them on their Instagram here.

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