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Monday, 27 October 2014

Save some hard-earned $ with #uberTAXI Singapore

Image courtesy of Uber Singapore

With the rising cost of living & at the increasing speed of our inflation rate, saving $ on transport costs in our daily lives is one of the key factors of concern when living in such a fast-paced cosmopolitan city like Singapore.
It is indeed a great help that Uber, a transport booking app had just introduced the latest UberTAXI feature that deserves the rave for some cost-cutting promotion for the consumers, read on to find out why!

The following reasons are Why you should use UberTAXI:
1) For the whole month of October 2014, all uberTAXI rides are entitled to 25% off on the fare at all times!
Therefore for an example, for a Taxi ride that comes to a total amount of SGD$20, inclusive of all the ERP charges, CBD charges, Peak period charges etc:

25% x SGD$20 = SGD$5 savings
Amount needed to be paid = SGD$20 - SGD$5 = SGD$15

You may think: 
If I flag down a taxi from the road, I do not need to pay for the Taxi Booking Fee of $3.30, why will I still want to utilize UberTAXI?
Well if the taxi fare is to come up to a minimum of $13.20, the Taxi Booking Fee will be all paid for from the 25% discount therefore to enjoy more savings, it is recommended to use UberTAXI for mid to long distance journey.

2) Convenience factor:
Ability to see the number of Taxis around your vicinity with estimated waiting time

3) Cashless payment without any transaction fee
As all payments are deducted via the credit card account (which was to be provided during the account sign-up), it does not matter if you run out of cash to pay for the Taxi fare & furthermore there are NO additional transaction charges for going cashless!

4) Ad-hoc FREE Ride Day
Do catch the opportunity for a whole day of FREE Taxi rides where you get to travel up to 2 free taxi rides for up to SGD$35 worth of discount!

5) Additional Fuss-free User-friendly Features
You will be able to find any lost item that you had left in the taxi, or get a fare review if there are errors in the taxi fare immediately with just a click of a button.
The receipt of any particular taxi ride can also be resent to your registered email address as well.

One tip to note:
As the driver had to manually key in the fare amount into the Uber App system, do always asked for the official Taxi receipt from the Taxi driver before alighting so as to ensure that the correct fare has been charged to your account. 

6) Get $10 credit to offset your 1st UberTAXI ride with a referred PROMO Code.
You will be entitled a 1 time $10 off your 1st UberTaxi ride with Fashrealm's above Promo Code when you key in upon registering your Uber account.

An awesome observation by using UberTaxi is that the 25% discount is implemented 1st then follow by deducting the fare with the $10 credit hence more savings for the passenger!

7) Perks of sharing with others
For every person that you referred & sign up with Uber, you will be entitled $10 referral credit after the user had accomplished his/her 1st ride with Uber.
Basically, the more you share, the more $ you will get to use for your rides!

Do sign-up for your Uber account now to enjoy the great savings off your taxi rides by downloading the Uber App from the AppStore (IPhone Users) or Google Play (Android Users)!
Alternatively, log on the Uber official website here to sign up as well!

For the latest updates and promotion details, do follow Uber's facebook page here & their twitter page here.

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