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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

In the mood to Meet Miss Anxiety 《我的早更女友》!

Image courtesy of Cloverfilms SG

Its every girl's fantasy to meet her Mr Right & marry the man of her dreams!
What if, things just do not turn out the way it should be & you realize the biological clock just ticks away and faster by the minute?
Lets Meet Miss Anxiety!

Image courtesy of Cloverfilms SG

A modern fairytale gets quirky & interesting when the campus widely acclaimed romantic couple Qi Jia (performed by Zhou Xun 周迅) & Liu Chong (performed by Wallace Chung 钟汉良) goes on separate ways after a sudden wedding proposal by the lovestruck Qi Jia at their graduation convocation.
Battered by the failed attempt to have her "happily ever after" with her deemed Mr Prince Charming & to live with the aftermath of sheer humility of rejection, the worst had struck in an untimely manner: Qi Jia was diagnosed with an uncanny premature menopausal syndrome.

Image courtesy of Cloverfilms SG

What's truly captivating are the series of events that unfold in Qi Jia's life thereafter that the movie wittingly sets the mood with amusingly hilarious moments that revolves around a sentimental & patient dude Yuan Xiao'ou (performed by David Tong Dawei 佟大为) who has been secretly carrying a torch for Qi Jia since day 1.

Image courtesy of Cloverfilms SG

For the fans of the highly popular "My Sassy Girl 我的野蛮女友" & "Cyborg She 我的机器女友", you will be glad that after such a really long wait, this movie as the last installment of this 3-part series by the renown South Korean film director Kwak Jae-Yong is finally released in theatre!

Image courtesy of Shaw Theatres

Be sure to catch this heart-warming comical rendition to the meaning of "True Love is worth waiting for" & share the joy of love over absolute laughter & heart-rending episodes with your love ones!
"Meet Miss Anxiety" will be out in theatre from 5th Feb 2015 onwards!

Click here to purchase your tickets now!

P.S Chanel Lovers, do count the number of Chanel bags that Qi Jia featured in the movie!

Image courtesy of Cloverfilms SG


Thank you Clover Films for extending a kind invitation to Fashrealm to the movie premiere.

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