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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

An Intimate Soiree at Coco Chanel Cafe - The world of Mademoiselle Coco #Chanel

The inspirational life of mademoiselle Gabrielle Chanel that brought forth a brand that encompasses a rich heritage and supreme influence in the fashion world.
Not many knew about the inner world of the lady, a world where the fortunate few knew of the real Coco. 
The story of Coco unwraps at an exclusive soiree held in the pop-up Coco Cafe up above with the majestic panoramic skyline in the heart of our lion city.
As the story goes...

Chapter 1 The Cafe
Classic glamour sets the mood for the intimate afternoon tea ever so prominent in the iconic blanc en noir, in remembrance of the chic Parisienne cafe culture for the high society aristocrats.
Artisanal coffee are served as the fine ladies dine in gusto from the appetizing canapes within reach.  

Jadore caffe "I Love Coco" by Oriole Coffee

Chapter 2: The Circle of inseparable Bonds, Muses & Soulmates
The lips are lined for the umpteen times with notion of innocence, pureness & seductive attractions.
The aficionados of the Rouge Coco collection breathe and withheld fond memories of names that were ever so close to Coco's heart. 
Keeping the legacy ever so alive.

Chapter 3: The Shades that intertwine with true affections

COCO No.416 Embracing the love for life, living the moments at the very best.
For the uber confident as that of Coco Chanel.

MADEMOISELLE No.434 The elegance of a lady, the courage to go beyond the conventional & challenge the impossibles yet forever graceful.

MISIA No.418 For the true artistic flair, a hue that is inspired by the great muse of Coco Chanel, Misia Sert

MARIE No.430 A strong entrepreneurial sparks the creativity of a captivating innovator, a hue inspired by the Grande Duchess Marie Pavlovna.

ROUSSY No.426 Optimistic & cheery by nature, the hue of pure energetic & vast spontaneity inspired by Roussy Sert, a friend of Coco Chanel.

EMILIENNE No.452 A strong leadership persona for the creative individuals with deep thoughts reigning, named after the talented music-hall artist Emilienne d'Alencon, one of the very 1st few who adorned the creations by Coco Chanel.

ADRIENNE No.402 A timeless bond stemming by graciousness from the pureness of a generous heart, named after Adrienne Chanel, Coco's ever dearest aunt.

ANTOINETTE No.406 The sisters' bond unwraps with unconditional love & unwavering ties, an inspiration by the beloved sister of Coco, Antoinette Chanel.

ARTHUR No.440 As the brave hearts ignite with passion & luminosity, the great love by Coco to Arthur Capel bares immense significance for this shade of bliss.

Chapter 4 The Beauty in the Reflections
Looking luscious and be serenaded by the ultra-sensorial texture that Coco Rouge can create for an intensely nourished smooch with the revolutionary Hydraboost complex & enriching triple waxes (jojoba, mimosa & sunflower).

'I shape. I smooth. I moisturise all day long.' 

Tip for the Day: Compare the right shades by placing the lipstick near to your lips in front of the mirror!

Chapter 5 The Scent of a Maiden
A charming nectarine saturates the fresh aura of the sparkling dew in the twilight of dawn speaks the feminine fascinating notion of a soul so true in the refined sensuality of an eternal youthful Coco Mademoiselle.

Is she in there, or not, perhaps.

Chapter 6 The Beauty Wanderlust
Be swept away with the limited editions and the prominent tweed with everything Coco offers to the endearing guests in the house.
Feel the freedom for a well-deserved pampering affair for the discerning beauties.

Exclusif: Palette Ombres A Paupieres L'Intemporel De Chanel 

Les 4 Ombres Tisse Vendome

Les Tissages De Chanel in Tweed Rose Peche 

Soft immaculate dainty damsel in alluring pearls, painting a delightful demure in sight, adorned with the favorite iconic CHANEL lipstick, the beauty accessory of our time cascades the aisle of individuality.

"Today I reinvent myself."

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