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Monday, 6 April 2015

Private Party with Jo Malone London: A Celebration in Style

An innate discovery of each persona of the various facets of life with a private & personal Jo Malone London Birthday Party wrapped in blissful finesse for a memory that sets to last for a long time.
The Art of Gifting in a realm of pleasurable indulgence where "The Gift of Jo Malone London is always a welcome luxury."

Let the sparkling champagne flows in treats of decadence of artisanal chocolates for the unique fragrance get-together with the best pals.
A time for celebration on this special day for Yours Truly.

Embrace the fun within from the beginning by choosing the scents that resonates with your individuality & personality. 
Be it for day or night.

The pure bliss of relaxation starts as the talented scent mixologists massage your woes away in glee with your specially chosen scents of your choice.

The whiff of fragrances drifts through the air, as the lady struts down the street in powerful sophistication and polished style, perhaps its the nectarine blossoms of the flowers or the freshness from the garden of eden.

Limited Edition Grandeur: Rock The Ages in scents that emits the various influences from significant eras in the British history. 

Discover your inner scent of style today with Jo Malone!

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