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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The Controversy of a Blogger, is it worth it?

Seated among the top fashion magazines editors, celebrities and top models are the fame celebrity bloggers at the coveted Front Row of every fashion show in every city's Fashion Week.
That is the current phenomenon in the fashion world. 

The recent controversial argument on the credibility of having bloggers sharing the same status as top fashion editors struck a lot of cross-fires in the blogosphere.

The question is: Do people know what a blogger actually does besides writing?

I am actually proud to say that I am a blogger as a profession as it encompasses more than just mere writing and posting pictures online.

The following is the list of actual work that a blogger actually does:

1) We do work round the clock to research on the latest trends and ideas for our writing materials which is similar to that of a writer which means there are times that at 3 am in the morning, we are still awake.

2) We are responsible for our own editing for grammatical errors to the flow of words to ensure easy reading for our readers which we are our own Editors as well.

3)  We need to go through photos selection, be well-versed in Photoshop-editing skills to ensure the pictures that we uploaded are of high resolution or at least nice to look at. With that we are our own Graphic Designers.

4) We need to play the role of the Photographer at our clients' events as well. With infinite hours of training to find the right aperture and also ensuring the ideal angle to capture the best images. Trust me it is never easy when you have models strutting down the runway in relatively fast speed. Needless to say, fastest fingers work best.

5) There are also times when you need to be your own model too to showcase the merchandise for the brands. If one has the looks and the qualities to do that, why not? To associate us as being a peacock for doing so, it is relatively unfair.

6) Next comes the Public Relation aspect, the countless email communications to secure writing opportunities with the various brands. Then, follow by our valuable readers who are like our internal customers of which we need to constantly build rapport and relationships with. 
Marketing our blog is definitely another level of knowledge on its own.

I sincerely feel that bloggers do need certain level of respect for all the behind-the-scenes hard work that we had put in to provide informative reads, insights and certain level of entertainment for the world.

The above are my two cents worth. Do feel free to comment on what your views are.

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