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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Food for thought: Survival Skills 101, We Eat to Live

Living in the country where its consider a food haven with the multiple choices of food, how many of us Singaporeans had actually thought of how it will be like when food becomes a scarcity? 

How many of us have taken for granted that food is so readily available that we failed to imagine the what if?
What we had learned in school in our history books during the wartime was emphasizing more on the real action in the war fields and the war machines, but very little was highlighted on the life of the common folks on how they survived on the bare minimum food necessities as well as the survival tips they had derived to make the best out of simple ingredients.

Commissioned by The National Museum of Singapore, comes a 6 episodes documentary series titled "Eat to Live: Wartime Recipes" which took 5 years to produce by film-makers Gozde & Russel Zehnder.
This documentary gave great insights on the lives of the wartime survivors and the smart ways of preserving ingredients, having fast-growing crops that resolved the issue of the unavailability of rice.
Celebrate the love for food and learn the simple & creative recipes featured in the documentary! 
Do check out the "Eat to Live: Wartime Recipes" DVD which is available at Objectifs, Kinokuniya Bookstores, New Majestic Hotel & the Museum stores. (Retailing at SGD20)

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