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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Chocoholics Haven with Mummy Dearest at Chocz

Our mummy dearest definitely deserves the very best and the ultimate indulgence!
And Chocz will be the absolute choice to pamper your mummy with lots of tender loving chocolate care.

The specially created Chocolate Truffle Cake by Chocz not only looks lusciously delicious but is indeed decadent & rich in texture. Upon trying a mouthful of it, one could taste the smooth bittersweet chocolate ganache on the palate.

Have a slice of heavenly delish bliss!

Chocz also prides itself in using the purest and freshest of ingredients for all its products that indeed makes everyone keep coming back for more.

There are also a wide variety of desserts to choose from in terms of their signature Chocolate Fondue with various % of cocoa level. I personally preferred the 55% to 60% cocoa concentration which as explained by Mr Benny Chua, (the director of Chocz) tends to be the Asian's preferred taste.
This is so as our taste buds are altered by the strong spices that is prominent in our culture, hence the stronger and thicker in texture chocolate tends to suit our palate more. 
While the 64% cocoa concentration chocolate tend to be lighter in taste, colour & aroma, especially the one that we tried from Madagasca.

Do you know that the higher concentration in cocoa level does not mean that the darker the chocolate will be? 
The color of the chocolate is actually determined by the processing and the roasting of the cocoa beans.
Besides providing delicious desserts and pastries, Chocz also takes pride in educating the public about the history of chocolate & the processes of making them.

There are various Chocolate Appreciation Workshops available at Chocz to allow you to have first hand experience & having a chance at being a Chocolate Connoisseur by making your very own DIY handcrafted premium chocolate pralines. 
Remember the Academy Award nominated film Chocolat directed by Lasse Hallstrom, starring Johnny Depp?
One can imagine being the charming Vianne Rocher in her very own quaint La Chocolaterie Maya.

For pure chocolate indulgence, do pop by Chocz at their following retail stores located at:

Esplanade Mall
8 Raffles Avenue 
Tel: 6238 0803

Leisure Park Kallang
5 Stadium Walk
Tel: 6242 0135

For more information, check out Chocz at & do follow Chocz's Facebook Fanpage at . 

~One Taste Is All It Takes...~

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