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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Fashionistas Alert: Limitless Trends, Top Picks at BLUEPRINT Singapore 2014

Fashion becomes a total new perspective as Fashrealm enters the Asia's Fashion Gateway and bring you the latest updates at the latest BLUEPRINT 2014, commencing its 5th edition in the local fashion scene.

This year, one will see that BLUEPRINT 2014 provides a whole new array of all-rounded experiences for all those who are there to share the joy of fashion be it the trade visitors, industry insiders & the shoppers.

Henceforth, let us bring you through our top picks & highlights of show!

BELLUCY from Taiwan

Bellucy in Latin origin means one who exudes goddess-like confidence and beauty therefore the inspiration for their fashion accessories & the bags of the brand.
The signature elements of their bags are vibrant pastel colours, feminine & definitely stands out as an arm-candy.
Bellucy prides itself in delivering stylish fun for the customers who indulges in their bags. Its worth checking them out!


Awake The Dark Nature, walk down the solemn forest in search of the fashion identity that will evoke your dark side.
Catch on the fashion bug, a fashion inspirational piece that a stylish persona can't do without.
DEPRESSION is indeed one of Fashrealm's favorite local brand that is renowned for their sleek looks with a revolutionary edginess.

Gnome & Bow

Is it The Hare or the Flying Tortoise that will emerge as the winner at the finishing line? Or is it the Gnome instead? That is for you to find out and the interesting concept behind Gnome & Bow's designs, a fairytale story to tell.
Following the success through the crowd-funding campaign in establishing the label, this creative local brand is definitely one of the emerging brand worth to look out for!

Quirky yet functional designs for your every needs & every occasions, be stylishly chic!

Joanne L

For the love of structures & the fine lines of architecture, that is the inspiration from this local jewelery designer Joanne L's designs. The epitome of a strong woman is one who has multi-facets of style with timeless elegance all tuned to the art of geometry, and that is one of the main elements in the creation of Joanne L's accessories.

A versatile woman of the modern era takes on multiple roles hence the fashionable statement accessories from Joanne L takes one from a boardroom to the ballroom & the infinite beyond.

"For the love of it..." by Joanne L 

The above are some of the Editor's Picks from this year's BLUEPRINT 2014 & that is not all, do stay tune for the exciting upcoming Part 2 of this series!

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