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Friday, 20 June 2014

The Art of Youthfulness Starts with IOMA Paris

What any woman wouldn't give for a skincare regime which is fuss-free, time-saving & effective all comes under one package? Sounds too good to be true? Absolutely not, especially so with IOMA Paris's Bespoke Youth Rituals.

Each of our skin has its own unique characteristics and susceptible to our environment, climate & our daily routines in our lives. With the ever-changing skin conditions, the idea of skincare customization is the most ideal solution to replenish what our skin needs at any point in time.
With the use of 8 different active ingredients as serums in IOMA Paris's Bespoke Youth Rituals, the combination of the serums are concocted into an active base moisturizer for day use & an active base moisturizer for night use to give you the nutrients needed for optimum nourishment for your skin.

So how does IOMA Paris able to access which serums combination you will need for your day use & night use?
Introducing the patented, state-of-the-art skin analysis mechanism: The IOMA Sphere 2.
This comprehensive smart device is able to access your skin's current condition beyond the skin's surface in the following criteria such as the Hydration Indicator, Desquamation Level (skin's ability to shed off dead skin cells), Sensitivity Indicator for Redness, Bacterial Activeness, Skin Firmness Indicator, Signs of Aging in terms of Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Pigmentation Indicator & visibility of Dark Eye Circles on a scale from 1 to 15 (with 1 being the state of perfection & 15 for the call of absolute attention).

With the in-depth analysis, the serums are then concocted into the bottles based on the results generated from the IOMA Sphere 2, hence your very own Bespoke Youth Ritual.
One of the highlights of this skincare regime is the emphasis on delivering the efficacy of the product even down to paying attention to the packaging to ensure oxidation is brought to the bare minimal with the twist, turn & dispense concept on the bottle.

The bottles are air-tight and do not allow any contact with the atmosphere when closed unlike the conventional products that are packaged in a tub. The user-friendly color indicator to differentiate between the Day use moisturizer (White-top) & Night use moisturizer (Black-top) are really helpful for one who is constantly on the go to know which bottle to use instantly upon 1 glance.

Do arrange for your very own skin analysis with the IOMA Sphere 2 & get your IOMA Paris's Bespoke Youth Rituals customized for you at the following stores:

TANGS Vivocity
Level 1 Beauty Hall

Level 1 Beauty Hall

ISETAN Scotts @ Shaw House
Level 1 Beauty Hall

ISETAN @ Westgate
Jurong East
Level 1 Beauty Hall

BHG @ Bugis Junction

Skincare & Beauty Guru Larry Yeo strongly recommends IOMA Paris's Bespoke Youth Rituals!

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