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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Beautiful Brows with the Belles at Allure Beauty Saloon

"I had alot of dates but I decided to stay home & dye my brows." 
~ Andy Warhol ~

Brows are an essential feature that will readily affects the overall facial looks of a person. Having well-kempt & nicely shaped eyebrows do accentuate the visage.
At Allure Beauty Saloon, the brows professionals ensure that you achieve the golden ratio for brows which are the most suitable for you. 
Choosing the right brows shape is relatively important & different brow shapes can augment the overall features of the face.

Image coutesy of

Image courtesy of

As one enters the latest, newly renovated store at Westmall, you will be greeted with a stylish decor of opulence & cozy grandeur. 

The comfortable waiting areas

The clients can have a choice of private consultation area where the Brow Specialist will conduct a session of brow crafting with the brow pencils before the actual brow embroidery session. The consultation encompasses the illustration of the outcome of how the brows will look like after the embroidery is done with in-depth detailed explanations on the procedures and what to be expected.
Prior to the actual brow embroidery session, the numbing cream is applied for 20mins and a patch test of the brow dye is done onto the skin to gauge for any skin allergy to the dye.

Relax in the cozy & comfortable treatment rooms with warm lightings where one will be put at ease during the treatment. 

The whole session was relatively pain-free as the numbing cream was quite effective. 
The brow specialist was detailed in explaining the process during the session as well & constantly enquired whether I encountered any discomfort giving the client the utmost care & attention. 

The strokes of the Brow Embroidery are indeed very natural.

After the session, the brows area will be slightly red which is natural as needle-like blades are used for the embroidery. The soothing cream is given to reduce the redness as well as any itchiness or discomfort encountered after the session. 
Just apply a pea-size amount of the soothing cream for each brow will be enough.

There are some Aftercare Procedures to take note of:
- Apply the soothing cream 3-5 times per day. 
- Avoid contact with water for 1 week after the session
- Avoid scrubbing the embroidered area
- Avoid water activities for the 1st week after the session

The final look after the 1st session

Fashrealm will like to thank Silver ( for the kind invitation to the trial of Allure Signature Eyebrow Embroidery and Allure Beauty Saloon for the great hospitality.

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Allure Beauty Saloon offers a wide-range of beauty services such as facials, lash perming etc. The outlets are located at:

Westmall @ Bukit Batok Central
Tel: 6898 2242

Tiong Bahru Plaza
Tel: 6270 8845

City Square Mall @ 180 Kitchener Rd
Tel: 6509 8859

For more information log on to Allure Beauty Saloon's official website here & do follow their facebook page here for the latest deals & updates.

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