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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Mixologist Masterclass: Lipton Tea Escapade with George Young

Life little pleasures start with Lipton Tea with unique blends of tea concoctions to suit the discerning taste buds. An afternoon of mixology fun introduces each individual to a world of fruity enchantment.

Serenaded by the lush greenery in the heritage colonial villa, it definitely sets the mood for an afternoon of tea indulgence.
The guests felt all the more at home with the warm welcome by the dashing George Young.

Excitement grew as the tantalizing array of fun activities unfold. The afternoon siesta got a little "shaken up" when the Lipton Tea Mixologist Class commences in high notes with the jovial George Young & the talented Joel Fraser (Owner of The Cufflink Club).

Introducing The Tools to work the Magic: 
Double-sided Jigger
Cocktail Strainer
Cocktail Shaker
Bar Mixing Spoon with Fork
Stick Muddler

The Main Story: 
12 Red Grapes (3 as Garnish)
60ML Lipton Classic Yellow Label Tea (Finest blend of whole tea leaves from Ceylon & Kenya)
20ML Maple Syrup
25ML Fresh Lemon Juice
1 Dash Plum Bitters

The Lipton Shake:
The sweet aroma of the grapes exudes the charm of a sensational persona dancing under the pressure of the muddler.
Feel the adrenaline of the mix with a graceful shake or power.
Grace the top with the decadent grapes & ready to serve.

The wacky duo continued with another cocktail rendition namely the Scarlet Berries blend from the Lipton Forest Fruits Tea, concocted with dashes of Vodka & refreshing lemon juice.

Experience the Memories
Savour the Moments
Lipton plays a life of sweetness
A taste of zest & fruity escapade
In search of the journey to true fulfillment
Experiment a realm of exponential possibilities

The afternoon flowed by in an elegant pace as the discovery of the treasures of treats gradually unwrapped for the guests. 
In retrospect, just like how the Lipton Pyramid Teabag, a stylish avant-garde innovation to tea brewing culture with the notion of optimizing space for tea infusion, allowing the tea cup to be filled with a rich brew & aroma of the Lipton Tea

Cheers to the little pleasures in life that is worth celebrating for!

Indulge in an adventure to become a tea connoisseur or tea mixologist & grab a box of the premium Lipton Yellow Label range ($5.85/box of 100 tea bags) or the Lipton Pyramid Tea range ($4.95/box of 20 tea bags)at all major supermarkets today!

For latest updates on the happenings for Lipton Tea, log on to their official website here & follow their facebook page here.

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