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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Heroes of Action in Black & White: The Dawn of Justice

Reign in the action with Black & White: The Dawn of Justice! Can the heroes bring about the hope of salvation or Harbor City is deemed for Doomsday?

Wacky & Jovial character (starring Lin Gengxin) meets serious yet impulsive persona (starred by Mark Chao) & expect a different type of charismatic chemistry between the 2 hunks.
With the vast popularity of the 1st movie episode, there are definitely great anticipation for the 2nd installment of the movie.

Key ingredients for the movie:
Explosions (quite a number of it), Biological Warfare, Final City Lockdown, Fight scenes, Technology Shutdown

In this episode, it challenges the wit of the protagonists for every ordeal that they partake on to discover the villain's intentions & revisit the true meaning & ideology of righteousness, especially the hypothesis of sacrificing a few to contribute to the greater good.

Protagonists' Attributes:
Wu YingXiong, an police officer from the Southern Precinct (starred by Mark Chao): Full of angst & bottled up rage awaiting to be erupted, impulsive & believe in using brawn strength to solve problems directly. One will discover that he has a facet of sentimental vulnerability.

Image courtesy of Clover Films

Chen Zhen, another police officer from the different precinct (starred by Lin Gengxin): Aloof, goofy yet brilliant in an unconventional way.
He can be reliable at times to cover for partner's back in missions.

Image courtesy of Clover Films

For movie fans who are into technical special effects, perhaps as compared to the hollywood blockbusters, Black & White may seems a little lack-lustre.
However, in retrospect to the storyline & in building up the pace of suspense for the movie, it is pretty good.
Hence, worth the movie bucks to catch it in the theatre!

Black & White: The Dawn of Justice <痞子英雄:黎明再起> will be out full-force in theatre island-wide  on 9th October 2014.
Do book your tickets to experience your share of action-packed adrenaline today!

Image courtesy of Clover Films

Fashrealm will like to thank Clover Films & The Influencer Network for the invitation to the Movie Premiere of Black & White: The Dawn of Justice.

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