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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Year End Festive Treats at Domino's Pizza

Jolly good time as the festive bells jingle with great treats from Domino's Pizza! A truly wholesome time with a call for celebration with your family & friends.

Many a times, we will relish the idea of gather our close friends & relatives at the comfort of our homes and many a times one will be bothered by the issue of "What kind of food should I get for the party?" Why not order from Domino's Pizza for your party gourmet needs?
With a wide variety of 28 specialty pizzas and choices of different pizza crusts such as Classic Hand-Tossed, New York Crust, Crunchy Thin Crust or Cheesy Crust (superb for the cheese lovers!), a 15-minute guarantee for Take-away orders, it is definitely one of the wise alternative to save yourself from the trouble and hassle of your party food woes.

Some of us may have our qualms about the pizza's quality especially queries on whether the pizzas had been sitting  on the stove for quite awhile in order to produce the pizzas at such a short period of time as Domino's Pizza preach on their low waiting time for the food orders.
Fret not as Domino's Pizza do ensure their product satisfaction thus guarantees your food orders will still be piping hot & fresh when you receive them, if not Domino's Pizza will replace the order or provide a refund.

For a first hand experience of the warm festive spirit, Domino's Pizza held a cozy & joyful christmas soiree with The Influencer's Network's influencers at one of their dine-in restaurant.

Festive cheers were sang in the celebration of the convivial jubilee & the influencers had a friendly competition to flaunt their creative personas with the "Santa Dress-Up" segment.

Other than the pure indulgence of the decadent party pizzas, you will be simply glad to know that the hearty feast will be easy on your wallet.
With a whopping 50% off ALL pizzas for any Take-away or Dine-in orders till 11th January 2015, your party feast will be of great value for money.

Image courtesy of Domino's Pizza

Simply log on to Domino's Pizza's official website here for more details.
Do follow them on their Facebook page here & Instagram here for the latest updates and promotional news!

Fashrealm will like to thank the team at Domino's Pizza & The Influencer Network for the kind invitation to the Domino's Christmas Party!

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