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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Get lucky with King of Mahjong 麻雀王 during Chinese New Year!

Laughter reigns with sheer humor at the Press Conference of King of Mahjong!
With comedic heavyweights such as Chapman To 杜汶澤 & Mark Lee 李國煌 starring in the movie, the moviegoers are in for a laugh that will send them rolling in their seats!

Notice the color coordination of Adrian Tan 陳凱旋, Patricia Mok 莫小玲 & the director Adrian Teh 鄭建國
(Hint: If you are a mahjong player, you will realize the colors are that of certain mahjong tiles & coincides with the name of the character that Chapman To starred as.) 

Great synergy are indeed prominent in the cast of King of Mahjong as they talked about what's going on behind the scenes and cracking lots of jokes with each other.

The cast sends their well wishes with the traditional Lou Yusheng! 

The wacky duo will be facing off in the movie, who will be the ultimate King of Mahjong?

Image courtesy of King of Mahjong

Movie Afterthoughts:
A light-hearted & feel good movie that sends vibes of laughter to the audience especially with the splendid onscreen chemistry between Chapman To with the rest of the actors.
Festive season is the time to bond with your love ones & you will be mesmerized by the varied heart-warming scenes that advocates the importance of kinship & friendship.
You may even pick out a tip or two to gain super-powers at the mahjong table!
Do look out for Michelle Ye's 葉璇 performance in it as it portrayed a different side of usual roles as the wife of Ah Fatt (starred by Chapman To) Lei Mona.
With special appearances by many renowned comedic veteran actors such as Eric Tsang 曾志偉, Lo Hoi-Pang 盧海鵬, Kingdom Yuen 苑瓊丹, Mimi Chu朱咪咪 & Shao YinYin  邵音音, the humor quotient will definitely hit rocket high.

For a whole lot of entertainment, be sure to catch King of Mahjong island-wide on 19th February 2015! 

Be entertained with a truckload of laughter this Chinese New Year with 3 movies that are not to be missed! 
Let King of Mahjong 麻雀王, Triumph In The Skies 衝上雲霄 & 12 Golden Ducks 12金鸭 brings forth the festive joy during this Chinese New Year for you!

Stay tune for the upcoming reviews of Triumph In The Skies & 12 Golden Ducks!

Thank you Cloverfilms for the kind invitation to the Gala Premiere & Press Conference!

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