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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

A Romantic Date with RETURN OF THE CUCKOO 《十月初五的月光》

Life works in mysterious ways and thats the bittersweet beauty of it as you will never know what's in it for everyone.
Reunited after 15years off-screen from the renowned TV drama serial "RETURN OF THE CUCKOO" also known as "The Streets of Macao", will the star-crossed lovers starring the award-winning stars Julian Cheung & Sharmaine Sheh be able to re-ignite the passion onscreen in the upcoming movie version of the series?

The sudden appearance of Kwan-Ho to her home-land in Macao back from United States, after years of near zero or minimal news had unwind a series of unexpected events for Man-Cho.
Perhaps the forbidden love that lies deep within Man-Cho for Kwan-Ho will suffice again with her return.

Movie After-thoughts:

Expect lots of heart-wenching and tear inducing scenes from the movie hence the box of Kleenex tissue is highly recommended to accompany you throughout the movie.
The under-lying messages from the movie are ever so vivid to the audience: To treasure the people around you as life is so short & full of regrets whilst time is ever so limited.
Hence final reminder to everyone to live a fruitful life and never in vain.
The value in family ties, friends' support & love in many forms are important in establishing the series of events in the movie & definitely brought forth many touching moments for the audience.


Image courtesy of Cloverfilms SG

The main cast of the movie, Julian Cheung, Charmaine Sheh & Nancy Sit were also in town to grace the Gala Premiere held at Resort World Sentosa a few days ago.

Be sure to catch the RETURN OF THE CUCKOO, out on 12th November at the major local theatres! 
Get your tickets here.

Image courtesy of Cloverfilms SG


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