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Thursday, 12 November 2015

ITS THE SHIP Yo! Cruise Away Into The High Seas in the Royal Caribbean

The waves are heard over the horizon as the magnificent Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship sound its horns for the ship to set sail, reigning in excitement for all the party animals onboard to:
Get Set, Ready & Go!
Albeit the date for this year's ITS THE SHIP are around the corner, read on to gear up on what to look out for from our insights on last year's inaugural party!

All right mates, keep up your adrenaline in high octave & put on your dancing slippers for 5 Days 4 Nights of massive dancing & grooving round the clock to the dance hits spun by renowned DJs from around the globe, in various parts of the ship; from the top decks to indoor theaters & even By-Invitation Only secret locations.
The major highlight of it all, the private beach party in Langkawi!

Alrighty mates, do prepare adequate amount of swim gear (lots of bikinis, ladies!), as its time for you to flaunt your assets & hot bods, with literally plenty of chances to do so! Especially with the availability of so many jacuzzis and whirlpools for you to dip in!

Party-goers can let their hair down and party with absolute ease, fretting not looking horrendous like ghouls from a horror movie (think mascara or eyeliner smudged eyes, sweat-stained washed-off make-up) as the considerate organizers had in store for you: glam up stations to make you look good.
Great for indulging in selfies & all time ready for those unexpected paparazzi's candid shots!

 Recharge in comfort as the staterooms & suites are all well-equipped in amenities for restful nights, in prep for the next party onboard!

Dine to your hearts content with plenty dining options from specialty themed restaurants (not inclusive in the initial room dining options hence will need to pay extra if you dine here) to buffet & fine-dining restaurant that offers different menu items everyday during the cruise trip!
Needless to say, what's a party ship without booze? Be sure to find plenty of bars available (ad-hoc make-shift ones as well) for you to drink up!

Do look out for the above drink vouchers & party currency to exchange for FOC drinks!

Sports enthusiasts & especially for those who had gorged to their hearts content with all the dining options & need to train their bulging bellies (after all there will be hot babes and hunks around!) will rejoice, with the availability of fringe facilities such as the mini golf, basketball, rock climbing, the Flow-rider and gymnasium (where Pilates classes are made available as well).

To earn more bucks for your booze, try your luck at the Casino & perhaps you will be able to buy everyone a round of drinks with your winnings!
(Do note that the Casino accepts US dollars)

After a day & night of partying, what better way to indulge is to sit back, relax and take in all the beauty which the breath-taking scenery before your eyes can offer.
What a sight with the sweet lullaby of the crashing waves, the sun rises or sets over the horizon where the sky and the ocean meets.

So what are you waiting for? 
Its time to soak up the sun and rejoice in non-stop partying till the wee hours in the morning! The party cruise for this year will set sail on 20th November and back onto our sunny island on the 24th November 2015!
For more details of the ITS THE SHIP! 2015, do check out the official webpage here and do follow on their official Facebook Page (here) & Instagram (here)!

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