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Friday, 26 September 2014

Movie Buff: Who is The Equalizer?

Photo courtesy of Geek Crusade
Living in a world of menace where each tortured soul yearns for the knight in shiny armor to deliver them from the grasp of their ill-fated lives, The Equalizer is indeed a god-send.
Justice has to be done.

The Equalizer will definitely made one glued to the movie screen throughout the whole duration with its highly intense, action-packed scenes & somehow do defer from the cliche "I am a regular guy turn hero, saving damsel-in-distress with lots of fan-fare" movie.
Indeed, Robert McCall (starred by Denzel Washington) do look every bit to be harmless & earnest. Earning his keep in a regular day job, read books, always courteous & being the Mr Nice Guy to everyone that he meets, but beneath that facade lies a dark hidden past, someone whom you never want to cross paths with, the very least messes with.

What do you see when you look at me?

I do indeed admire the efforts done by the producers to highlight about the societal issues of exploitation, abuse & trafficking that are present in our world through the movie. 
In our modern society, there are people who are void of the freedom of choices to live the lives that they wanted & had to succumb to coercion. Many a times, these people can never see the light of the day & justice is all they need.

Why The Equalizer?
Apparently, the traits of The Equalizer comes in the form of his sensitivity to the surroundings, the calculated precision in what is going to happen, well-trained to be able to react to any circumstances in an instance & well-adaptable to the environment. 
Sounds too good to be true, do watch the movie to find out for yourself then.

The look of forlorn & emptiness as the night went on yet looking for a trace of hope & solace.

Another highlight of the movie, is seeing the vast transformation of Chloe Grace Moretz who starred as the female protagonist. Her role as Teri the Lady of the Night under the control of the Russian Mafia, portraying the rebellious yet vulnerable persona is pretty spectacular & has proven her versatility to take on different roles. 
Its simply realistic in resonating to the feelings of the girls working in the social escort industry.  

Be sure to catch all the action & feel the fast adrenaline from The Equalizer, out in the theatres island-wide from 25th Sep 2014!

For more information on the movie, do follow The Equalizer's Official Facebook page here.

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