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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Be Wow'ed away in a realm beyond with #SPG #Keyless!

A new revolutionary tech privilege in the world of hospitality for the smart & discerning traveller.
Transform your smartphone into a virtual key & enter into the holiday comfort with absolute convenience.
Introducing the Starwood Preferred Guest® (SPG®) latest ingenious #SPGKeyless System where there is more to it then you can imagine!

Brand new experience with just a tab of your smartphone!

Checking into your hotel room is such a breeze without the hassle from waiting in line for your key card at the concierge with the SPG Keyless System. 
Great news for travelers who are often feeling jet-lagged & tired from all the long hours of flight & can't wait to be ushered into the comfort of your hotel room.
Or simply for those who can't wait to enjoy the best out of what your holiday can offer as your holiday itinerary is packed back to back that you have no time to waste, SPG Keyless System is ideal for you.
Talk about express check-in, this is just a notch up above!

SPG Keyless System is totally something to be wow'ed about!

Currently for the launch phase, SPG Keyless program was rolled out as of 5th November 2014 in 10 establishments under the Starwood Hotels & Resorts Group, namely:

- W Singapore Sentosa Cove
- W Hongkong
- W Hollywood
- W New York (Downtown)
- W Doha
- Aloft Beijing
- Aloft Cancun
- Aloft Cupertino
- Aloft Harlem
- Element Times Square

Where plans for the SPG Keyless feature to be available on 30,000 doors in 150 hotels around the globe by early 2015 across Aloft, Element & W hotels are in the pipeline.

Here comes the Golden Question: How Does It Works?

In order to utilize the SPG Keyless feature, you have to be part of the Starwood Preferred Guest® (SPG®) membership program (if you have not, do sign up when its absolutely free & you get a truckload of benefits & privileges, click here to sign up now!).

Next you have to download the SPG App onto your smartphone (both available on Apple itunes & Google Play) & ensure that the specifications on your smartphone is compatible with iOS8 & Android Flavor version 4.3 & above.

Once you had made your reservation at the relevant hotel eligible for the SPG Keyless System, approximately 24hours prior to your arrival at the hotel, you will receive a notification to be invited to opt-in for the SPG Keyless program.
A push notification will then be sent with the latest update on your room number & the bluetooth virtual key via the SPG App when the room is ready.

Image courtesy of W Singapore Sentosa Cove

Important Note: 
Ensure your wifi & bluetooth are "enabled" on your smartphone in order to open your door when you enter your room. 
You can always enquire for the wifi password from the hotel staff the moment you step-in to the hotel lobby, they will definitely be glad to assist on this.

Enjoy a comfortable stay as you tap your smartphone onto the door and wait for the green light to lit up on the door sensor.

The SPG keyless feature can be used to go to your hotel room floor via the lift, enter the fitness & spa facilities as well bringing you a whole new level of convenience.

Now you can go "Opps I forgot my keycard in my room! Fear not as I have my smartphone to open the door!"

Time to cheers to the next wave of impeccable innovations by Starwood Hotels & Resorts!

For the latest updates & happenings on Starwood Hotels & Resorts, log on to their official Facebook page here & follow the buzz at their official Twitter page here.

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