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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Are you game to solve The Imitation Game?

Image courtesy of The Imitation Game Movie

Have you solve the puzzle or are you still in search for the answers within the codes? Are the weather reports sent out from the Germans as it seems to be or perhaps the underlying connotation speaks otherwise? Yet they bring forth a whole new meaning beneath each sentence that will determine the number of human sacrifices in the war.
Time is the crucial factor & its running out.
Then it all ends when the clock strikes 12. 
Tick Tock Tick Tock.  
Its Time to Play.

Image courtesy of Shaw Theatres
Image courtesy of The Imitation Game Movie

The Imitation Game is a historical masterpiece that engulfs intriguing magnificence & intense dramatic pace with each passing moments beautifully crafted that unravels the life journey of a man, a great man that races against all odds & scrutiny to break the deemed impossible: the Enigma Machine
The brainchild of all the main source of crucial military intel by the Germans during the World War II for their missions, the Enigma Machine has to be decoded, and needed to be decoded FAST.
There came along a maths prodigy, a master of puzzle solving & a superb code decipher, Alan Turing.
He is the founding father of the mechanical brain, as we know today: the Computer.
Little is known of this unsung hero that his wistful fate had left him little dignity in his yesteryears.

Image courtesy of The Imitation Game Movie

A secret that was kept for many years & finally came to light, a tribute to one of the greatest heroes of our time whom had shortened the war by an estimation of at least 2 years, saving millions of lives during the turbulent times of the dreaded World War II.

Image courtesy of Shaw Theatres

The talented Benedict Cumberbatch had superbly delivered a stellar performance of Alan Turing; the anguish of a forlorn child that yearn for an unrequited & socially unaccepted love, a repressive genius with narcissistic tendencies, the sorrow of a misunderstood soul at the mercy of life, the challenges of all the emotional complexities were all beautifully portrayed vividly, touching my heart with the deepest admiration & sympathy. 

Image courtesy of The Imitation Game Movie

The other cast in the movie had also put up an incredibly stunning performance for each of their characters, especially Keira Knightly's onscreen rendition of Joan Clarke, Alan Turing's life confidente & soulmate with a passion for puzzle solving.
The strong pillar of emotional support & belief that Joan rendered to Alan throughout the course of his work was vital in contributing to his success at stopping the war.

Image courtesy of The Imitation Game Movie
Image courtesy of The Imitation Game Movie

Rumor has it that the movie screenplay's adaptation from Andrew Hodges' bestselling biography of Alan Turing: The Enigma had ingested conflicts to the chronological sequence to the life events of Alan Turing & some contradictories in Alan Turing's personality in real life vs the reel interpretation.
Fact or Fiction, thats for you to decide.

Image courtesy of The Weinstein Company

Do catch The Imitation Game at the theatre today and this is one movie which you definitely never want to miss!

Fashrealm will like to thank Singapore Film Society & Shaw Theatres for the kind invitation!

Image courtesy of Shaw Theatres

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