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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

1933 - A Memoir of the Past

The Capitol Theatre holds multiple fond memories for our senior generations & had became one of the iconic venue for couples back in the hay days to spend their romantic dates at.
After the recent massive overhaul to revamp this heritage site, just in time for our nation's celebration of the golden jubilee year; the commemorative 50th anniversary of our independence, now renamed Capitol Piazza houses some of the interesting cafes & stores in the vicinity, one of them namely the 1933 restaurant.

1933 boasts an impression of a quintessential bistro meets classic old school charm in its decor & overall ambience with the minute intricacy presented through the use of rattan chairs, a quaint mezzanine level & antiquated wall murals.

Adapting the various influences from the history of Singapore where in this part of Asia, the ever renowned delicacies are none other than the delectable Curry Chicken and the Hainanese Kampong Chicken Rice.
Steering away from the traditional presentation of having the soft toasted bread served separately in the dish, 1933 goes beyond the conventional & have the Curry Chicken served in a bread bun instead.
The thick & flavorful curry broth had the bread thoroughly soaked in its rich wholesomeness for a much ample taste.

Kampong chicken which means having the chickens raised in an environment that allow the poultry free to roam around and flex their muscles are used ideally in the Chicken Rice dish so as to give the meat a much tender state & fewer fats when cooked.
It will be more economical though if the portion allocation of the meats will be slightly more instead.

The Grilled Pork Loin will be a choice for the foodies in search of a western touch to the menu. Fragrant indeed from the variation of herbs used & complemented the distinct drizzling black pepper sauce.
To end off this heritage meal with a beautiful note, the soft & velvety Gula Melaka Pandan Cake is a sure-win to the palate for absolute nectarous extravagance.
Pair with a pot of Floral Tea or an ice-cold Latte for an additional aromatic diversity to the taste.

Savor the heritage of time at 1933 today! For the latest update on their promotions, do follow 1933 at their official Facebook Page here.
Capitol Piazza
15 Stamford Road
Singapore 178906
Contact: +65 6384 3660

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