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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Achieve Impossibly Perfect Skin with Shiseido Vital Perfection

It is every woman's dream of achieving flawless looking skin and women around the world have been constantly in search of the key ingredients or products that encompasses age-defying equation making them look impeccably youthful and beautiful.
Shiseido with 142 years of history in providing effective beauty solutions for women has designed a range exclusively for Asian women, the Vital-Perfection series which aims to deliver both whitening & anti-aging visions, scheduled to be launched in the Shiseido counters island-wide in August next month.

Fash Realm is fortunate to be one of the lucky few to be invited for the preview of the skincare range held at the prestigious St Regis Singapore prior to its official launch.

A new technology Shiseido VP8 is the key for this exclusive skincare range which advocates improvement of skin damage caused by aged proteins in our skin.
What is the definition of VP8?
This technology involves the following 8 key properties:
1) Lifting
2) Anti-Wrinkle
3) Anti-Fine Lines
4) Anti-Age Spots
5) Anti-Dullness
6) Smoothen & Soften
7) Texture Refinement
8) Anti-Dryness

With the help of the above 8 properties, the skin is able to reinforce collagen regeneration, reinforces metabolic energy of our skin cells as well as inhibits healthy melanin production.

The VP8 technology is also able to suppress aged proteins through putting a stop to the 3 pathways that lead to the creation of aged proteins with the use of:

1) Anti-Carbonylation: Which prevents the skin from looking lack-lustre & improves transparency of the skin.
2) Anti-Glycation: Which prevents the skin from losing its suppleness & reduces the loss of skin elasticity
3) Anti-oxidation: Which prevents the skin from looking cloudy & improving the luminosity of the skin.

Besides, introducing the Vital Perfection to the invited guests, Shiseido also revealed the spokesperson for the skincare range, who is none other than our home-grown talented songstress Kit Chan.
With the use of the Vital Perfection range, Kit Chan's skin was definitely glowing & full of radiance.

The invited guests were in for indulging beauty treats at the Shiseido pop-up beauty bar where guests got to sit back & relax while having a feel of the products from the Shiseido Vital Perfection Range.

As the night went on, decadent canapes were served compliments from St Regis Singapore.

Do visit the Shiseido counters & check out the Vital-Perfection skincare range for fairer & younger looking skin! 
For more information of the product range from Shiseido, do check out their official website here & follow their official Facebook Fanpage for the latest updates & promotions available.

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